Senior R&D Expert for Dishwasher

Our client is a Chinese based company located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. At the current time they are seeking a very skilled and exceptional individual who specializes in the design of dishwashers. The title of the position is:

Senior R&D Expert for Dishwasher

Main Responsibilities:

1: Research and establish of the existing European dishwasher structure platform or flow analysis model, apply the relevant software/tools/empirical formulas etc to analyze the advantages and disadvantages;

2: Raise the improvement programmes and structure research and design through the analysis results of model structure or flow model,;

2: Validation of the structure or flow structure improvement programmes, establishment of test standards and test tools, development of testing        and evaluation methods;

3: Training of other research and development personnel.

Estimated Benefits from this post setting:

1. Upgrade European dishwashers comprehensive performance, particularly improve a grade in the energy consumption;

2. Enhance the security ease of use and operability of European products, the test scores in European consumer test and evaluation agency supposed to be improved by more than 10%;

3. Establish the scientific dishwasher structure or flow research test tools;

4. Train 2 or more engineers

5. Strengthening cooperation and exchanges with European research institutes or laboratories, quickly gather market information.

Qualifications: (Match either A or B)

(A)   Technology Research and Development Experts

  • Experience in European dishwasher company or dishwasher research institutions for more than 8 years;
  • More than 5 years experience in research and development for dishwasher project or dishwasher core components;
  • Proficiency in using one of 3D design software;
  • With extensive (over 5 years) home appliance products design knowledge and work experience, familiar with the development and design process, successful work experience in design and planning for full package of products; familiar with metal, plastic and mould design;
  • The results of the responsible projects have been industrialization, and have a massive use in the present market sale of dishwashers;
  • With successful experience in project management, with good coordination, communication and organizational skills, teamwork spirit, and strong ability to work independently.

(B)   Product Testing Evaluation Experts

  • Responsible for dishwasher test evaluation in European renowned test organizations for more than 10 years;
  • Familiar with the IEC on dishwashers and the standards of the European dishwashers test evaluation; familiar with the major consumer test evaluation criteria of the rating agencies for European dishwashers, and the development trend of dishwasher testing and evaluation standards;
  • Able to reasonably raise the continuous improvement programmes of the dishwashers comprehensive performance, and develop the relevant test evaluation criteria;
  • Strong coordination, communication and organizational skills, teamwork spirit, and strong ability to work independently.1: Master Degree or above in Hydraulic professional, mechanical and electrical engineering.


A comprehensive compensation plan is being offered with a negotiable salary in the range of $160,000 - $240,000 CDN. Interested candidates please apply to:


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