Sheetmetal Senior Engineer

Our client, a Chinese company located in Shunde City, Guangdong Province is actively seeking a:

Sheetmetal Senior Engineer

As a Sheetmetal processing engineer you are a high-end technical talent for the product department. The right candidate will play a vanguard role, have a front-end crucial impact on product manufacturing and, will directly influence the business performance and strategic direction of the company’s high-end product.


  • Responsible for the Sheetmetal forming process analysis, supervising and guiding
  • Responsible for the analysis of mould technology, supervision and guidance
  • Responsible for the tooling, equipment and Sheetmetal engineers’ training
  • Responsible for mould processing, maintenance, evaluation, supervision and guidance
  • Responsible for training subordinate technology staff


  • Bachelor degree or above in Mechanical Manufacturing or has an engineer title;
  • At least 5 years’ work experience in smoke extractor industry, or at least 10 years work experience in Sheetmetal industry, and achieved patents in the technology research or engineering research
  • Mechanical expertise, knowledge of materials’ strength, very well versed in production and processing technology, have unique insights about IE related knowledge
  • Experience working as a team leader, have made outstanding contribution in technology breakthroughs field in previous work;
  • good communication skills and team work collaboration ability
  • Coordinate workshops, manufacturing process and production process, introduction of suppliers for supply chain to provide proofing, small batch and other technical support.

A comprehensive compensation plan is being offered with a negotiable salary in the range of $70,000 CDN. Interested candidates please apply to:





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